Choose Falcon Drone Services for your next promotional video

 Our skilled and creative production team storyboards every project to map a flight plan that will create cinematic quality videos that allow you to bridge the gap between seeing an event and feeling an event from a whole new perspective.

Discover how to bring your story to life by going vertical.

Promotional Examples


Premium Production Quality

Nothing amplifies a video production more than adding aerial videography in your shoot. The elements of showing an aerial vantage point not only adds depth to your shoot but it also gives your audience a unique experience and perspective.

We are poised to take on any major multimedia project from feature films, music, broadcasts, cuts away shots, and any specific objective you are looking to achieve.

Our equipment is cinema quality 4k by default and can lift high end cameras by request.

Corporate Videos

Show off your company campus or event and share your story through the lens and production of Falcon Drone Services leverage our aerial production to attract new hires, announce new office locations, campus walk throughs, and product demonstrations. We have a talented team of post production specialists who offer a full service production experience, taking care of the entire production process, editing, music, titles, and voice overs.