Our aerial photo/videography and 3D or multi-spectrum imaging systems can be used to promote and evaluate properties and communities in new ways. New drone imaging systems efficiently inspect rooftops, facades, roadways, structures and systems; illustrate architectural features/amenities and provide property condition assessments. The Falcon Group drone team gives you more cost-effective, safer, better detailed inspections and photo/video documentation with drastically reduced turnaround times. We can assist with forensic engineering inspections and studies, thermal imaging and construction progress reports for your community and real estate.

Key Benefits

Site Planning + Construction Projects

Before construction occurs, there are many benefits that Falcon Drone Services delivers. Site planning and impact studies are raised to new levels with aerial drone videography and photography. Our professional image systems transform your images into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, 3D building models and point clouds, and digital surface models. These digital images provide an in-depth perspective for your site and project.

Property Condition Assessment and Special Inspections (Local Laws)

Through the use of drones, building and site inspections can be completed in a fraction of the time and in much safer working conditions. We can provide an up-close and more detailed report on all common elements of your community or high-rise buildings including but not limited to: roofs, decks, balconies, façades, windows, roadways, walkways and landscaping. We help you comply with local laws that may require regular inspections to keep your facility up to code. In addition, drones can provide a thorough, detailed inspection to assist with forensic engineering and expert witness cases.

Community Renovation, Repair and Improvement Projects

During the design phase, aerial videography and photography can demonstrate to the end users what the view will be for planned building repair and improvement projects. These views can be captured from all angles, even 360 degree imagery can be taken as well to showcase the sweeping views.

New Construction + Renovation Progress

Monitoring construction progress on a regular basis ensures that stakeholders can remain “in the loop” and the construction process runs smoothly and according to schedule and budget.

Real Estate Marketing Imagery + Promotion

Whether your community or property is looking to have a full fly-over, a 360 degree video of the building, eye-catching high resolution imagery for the community’s portfolio — Falcon Drone Services aerial videography and photography can help tell the project’s story from a bird’s eye view from construction to completion.

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