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Falcon Drone Services is a aerial media company that is advancing the application of drone technology by matching creativity with strategic direction.




Miles Abrams, Vice President,
Mr. Miles Abrams, Vice President of Drone Services, is responsible for the safe and effective delivery of unmanned aerial services at Falcon. Miles’ career began in Information Systems, working in high visibility, client-facing roles for blue-chip companies like IBM, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and SAP. As a systems process owner, he helped to design and iterate many of the complex steps and dependencies involved in delivering 99.9% uptime to hundreds of clients hosted in the IBM Cloud. His broad technical experience and award-winning commitment to client satisfaction provide the ideal foundation to design solutions that leverage the exciting new paradigm of low altitude, low cost aerial systems. Since entering the drone industry, he has logged time inspecting construction sites, skyscrapers, electrical transmission infrastructure, as well as producing videos of yachting and other events. He’s consulted on mosquito remediation, drone detection, and the use of drones for perimeter security. Miles is also responsible for developing and managing the Standard Operating Procedures that govern every Falcon mission, ensuring risk is assessed objectively every time, and each flight is conducted at the highest possible level of safety. As a private pilot & former aircraft owner, Miles accrued over 350 hours of time flying low and slow across the USA and Baja, Mexico. His can-do attitude and problem solving skills are the products of years of offshore competitive sailing. He is active in the local drone racing community, and a member of Atlantic Cape Community College’s Remote Aviation Advisory Board. He lives on a motor trawler, and is a volunteer firefighter in his community.


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